Top200Rx® is located in leading pharmacies and health facilities nationwide.

Top200Rx® is the leader in Rx health literacy information and for the pharmaceutical and health care industry.


With DoctorTop200Rx® is the first medication information software developed that provides easy-to-understand prescription medication information at the touch of a button. Top200Rx® medication information is made available through easy to use touch screen kiosks in a pharmacy or health care setting.

Currently, consumers rely on receiving information directly from their pharmacist, but when language barriers, hearing problems, or other issues affect the pharmacy consult, Top200Rx® is here to help and augment the pharmacy consult as required by OBRA 1990.

Top200Rx® Kiosks are user-friendly and fit into almost any environment. Our Kiosk offers generous LCD size, rugged keyboard and is available with a full range of overhead and panel signage to add visual impact. Kiosk features hinged doors and readily accessible components for simple and efficient field maintenance.

Inside, this kiosk is designed to accept a wide variety of optional components from biometrics to printers, monitors to card readers. We offer only reliable and tested components. (Kiosk specifications provided upon request)

Top200Rx® has created the industry's premier health literate appropriate database of drug monographs.

Medication Information is developed and written with the end-user in mind. We understand that medication information may be overwhelming and difficult for many consumers, therefore, our copyrighted prescription medication information changes the way that consumers receive information about their medications.

Monographs are written exclusively for Top200Rx® by University of Incarnate Word, Feik School of Pharmacy.

Top200Rx® monographs are available in English and through our Top200Rx® Custom Solutions Concepts we offer you the option to provide the medication information in up to 77 languages and audio format.

We know that consumers now more than ever expect value-added information. So, Top200Rx® offers value-added information that includes:

  • Lists of over the counter (OTC) medication interactions
  • Herbal interactions
  • Medicines in the same drug class
  • And, how to monitor drug efficacy

Custom Solution Concepts

Top200Rx® Custom Solutions Concepts supports our customers by providing additional services that will enhance product investment.

Our range of services include:

  • Top200Rx® product orientation and training
  • Marketing
  • Outreach and product demonstration.
  • Monograph translation in 77 additional languages
  • Monograph audio production

Top200Rx® Custom Solutions Concepts wants to enable you to find a solution that will support pharmacy professionals and customer needs. Either option enables you to access services that allow pharmacy professionals and customers to benefit from Top200Rx.

Access Top200Rx® Custom Solutions Concepts whenever you need extra support for a variety of special project or implementation support needs, which may include:

  • Upgrading to the most current version of a Top200Rx® module
  • Preparing for a software upgrade and need expertise on how best to implement Top200Rx® content within your system
  • Training new first-time users of Top200Rx® drug data on how best to optimize its use
  • Gaining a better understanding of new uses or capabilities of the data and how best to put them to work for you
  • Outreach and product demonstrations that will enhance your customer’s use of product.
  • All services are provided in bilingual format.

Top200Rx® Custom Solutions Concepts team of in-house experts know Top200Rx® products inside and out and will ensure your team gets the most optimal use of the drug data.

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